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LEAF International presents Designing the Post-Pandemic City Virtual Conference as the first event in its Virtual Series 2021, which also include roundtables, webinars, online polling, awards and forum taking place throughout the year.

As the new physical reality of the post-pandemic era descends upon us, our cities, buildings, infrastructure, and the entire built environment must be reimagined in order to adapt to the health, social, environmental and economic demands now required of them. This event will focus on the role of urban design and technology in a post-crisis world and how collaboration among all stakeholders will help create a more inclusive, sustainable, greener cityscape.

International architects, manufacturers, designers and engineers will consider the important shifts in the urban experience, how to plan resilient urban environments and design healthy buildings, how to create new flexible workspaces and redesign hotels to combine luxury and health and safety; they will also analyse the impact of the new work from home (WFH) culture on residential projects.

Please note that free delegate passes are only available for senior specifiers and cannot be used by supplier partners/solution providers.

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This is a CPD certified event, allowing you to earn up to 4 CPD points. CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers.


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29th April 2021


KEYNOTE: Creating vitality in our Cities through the design of sustainable, healthy lifestyle focused destinations

  • How can we provide new destinations that encourage vitality in the City?
  • How can we seek alternative uses for empty retail units?
  • How can we design spaces to increase biodiversity and improve air quality within our Cities?
  • How can we create new hospitality destinations that support existing and new businesses?
  • How can we encourage healthier lifestyle destinations in our Cities?
Darren Comber, Chief Executive, Scott Brownrigg

PANEL: Healthy buildings - adapting existing buildings and rethinking our approach to new ones

  • Why designing for health and well-being must become the new norm in a post-Covid world?
  • What are the implications for future design strategies?
  • How to assess buildings performance and make sure occupants feel safe returning?
  • Which role the indoor environmental quality will play in enabling occupants to thrive?
  • Addressing the challenges of sustainable construction to mitigate climate change while ensuring health.
Moderator: William Moffitt, Editor, LEAF Review
Eloïse Sok-Paupardin, Occupant Experience and Sustainability Lead, SageGlass
Olivier Selles, Head of Innovation and Smart Building Solutions, BNP Paribas Real Estate
Ronnie Graham, Partner, Ryder Architecture
Simon Swietochowski, Development Director and Sustainability Lead, Sellar

INTERVIEW: Cities of the post-pandemic era - challenges and opportunities for the urban environment

  • How will cities develop as a result of the pandemic? Important shifts in urban experience to consider
  • How can we maintain the excitement and experience of a city centre (entertainment, commercial, dining) going forward?
  • Placemaking and repurposing outdoor space and re-examining how street space is allocated, with safety in mind
  • Transforming urban reality through design -How can design tools adapt to new health, social, and economic requirements?
  • Working together as an industry to achieve healthier and more equitable cities through inclusive strategies
  • City mobility and transport – how will those be impacted by new ways of working?
Eva Hinkers, Europe Region Chair, Arup interviewed by Elvin K. Box, Chair, London Constructing Excellence



INTERVIEW: Hospitality design in a post-pandemic world - re-imagining the future of hotels

  • How will COVID-19 shape hospitality architecture and design?
  • How to combine luxury with health and safety?
  • What intelligent design solutions are we going to see to meet hygiene and social-distancing requirements?
  • Repositioning hotels for long-term success—not just short-term fixes – to maximise travellers’ experiences while minimising risk
  • How will new expectations and customer behaviours impact design and the role of the hotel
Jeremy Heyes, Senior Vice President, WATG
Interviewed by Elvin K. Box, Chair, London Constructing Excellence

KEYNOTE: Over the Edge – how to pick up the momentum again after COVID-19

  • Planet issues – global solutions.
  • An Amsterdam perspective on developments for the future
  • Mixed-use projects in dense future cities
Ron Bakker, Founding Partner, PLP Architecture

PANEL: Re-designing the modern workspace, focusing on wellbeing and health

  • Understanding of post-pandemic offices and redesign of buildings
  • Long term view to fixed infrastructures, combined with health and wellbeing solutions and smart functionalities as part of the features required in future-proof buildings
  • How are office occupiers responding to this changed landscape in their building selection and workplace strategy decisions?
  • How far will existing assets appeal to corporate occupiers in this new environment?
  • The rise of Innovation Districts - how they can change the way industries, economies, and communities are developing
Moderator: Ruth van Dijken, Founder, Blendingbricks
Alessandro Ranaldi, Partner-Global Head of Workplace Consultancy, Foster + Partners
Stephen Coulston, Principal, Perkins&Will
Richard Holberton, Senior Director, EMEA Research, CBRE
Tomi Sipilä, Head of Customer Solutions and Technology, KONE Corporation

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Darren Comber

Chief Executive

Scott Brownrigg

Olivier Sellès

Head of Innovation and Smart Building Solutions

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Eloïse Sok-Paupardin

Occupant Experience & Sustainability Lead


Alessandro Ranaldi

Global Head of Workplace Consultancy

Foster + Partners

Ron Bakker

Founding Partner

PLP Architecture

Eva Hinkers

Europe Region Chair


Richard Holberton

Senior Director


Stephen Coulston



Tomi Sipilä

Head of Customer Solutions and Technology

KONE Corporation

Ronnie Graham



Jeremy Heyes

Senior Vice President


Ruth van Dijken



Elvin K. Box


London Constructing Excellence

Simon Swietochowski

Development Director and Sustainability Lead


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